About online pilot logbook

PilotSpace.EU introduce new online pilot logbook for all registered members for free. Logbook can be used for both ME and SE even for GLD and UL licences!




There are many reasons why to have your logbook online:

  • JAR FCL format print available
  • sum check
  • useful stats / flight hours on type, operational conditions (VFR, IFR ...), class, positions, cross country ect.
  • backup your physical logbook in case of demage or loss!
  • pilotfriendly / tested on pilots: 1 flight entered in 10 sec.!
  • more than 600 aircraft types
  • more than 3 000 European airfields
  • export to MS Excel

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Developed as a part of IS4FLY / IS for flight training facilieties.

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